What it takes to be Travel Trade Ready

Readiness is defined as the state in which one is fully prepared and willing to do something.

In the tourism sector, being 'Business Ready' means that a business has all licenses, permits and insurance required to operate legally. Being 'Market Ready' builds upon that and means the business is promoting themselves to potential visitors, communicating yearround and can take advanced reservations. Being 'Trade Ready' means that a business understands and has the policies in place to work with and sell through the travel trade.


Required Criteria


Business Ready Standards
Business Ready refers to a business that has all of its licenses, permits, and insurance in place in order to operate legally.

BR1. Provide owner/operator contact information (include contact name, business name, mailing address,
telephone number, and email address.
BR2. Be in good standing with all applicable licenses, insurance and legislative requirements.
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Market Ready Standards
Business Ready Standards plus the following:
Market Ready refers to a business that markets to potential visitors in the planning stages, communicates with potential visitors year-round, and is ready to accept advance reservations.

MR1. Has an email address and telephone number operational year-round. If closed for the season,
provides automated response through voice mail, answering service and/or email.
MR2. Has marketing materials such as brochures, rack cards, website or social media presence.
MR3. During operating season, the business maintains at least a 24-48 hour response time to inquiries
and at least a 24 hour response time to reservations/booking requests.
MR4. Has published prices and consumer booking, payment and cancellation policies.

Trade Ready Standards
Market Ready Standards plus the following criteria:
Trade Ready refers to a business that markets to and through the travel trade distribution sales channels; understands commission or net pricing; agrees to trade booking and cancellation policies.

TR1. Has been Market Ready for at least one year, or has successfully operated a tourism business
working with the travel trade.
TR2. Offers wholesale, net or commissionable rates to travel trade throughout the negotiated
time period, provides these rates at least one year in advance of the selling
season and guarantees those prices during the selling season.
TR3. Responds within 24 hours year-round to requests, inquiries, reservations and cancellations from
travel trade.
TR4. Has trade-oriented booking, payment and cancellation policies for groups and FIT
(Fully Independent Travelers)
TR5. If participating in destination marketing organization-led travel trade Familiarization Tour (fam tour), is
prepared to offer a shared investment and/or reduced pricing (complimentary) in hosting
travel trade.
TR6. Provides image/rich media files in a format required by the destination marketing
organization or Receptive Tour Operator for marketing purposes along with up-to-date
product descriptions/information sheets.